What to wear in church

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Many people wonder what is the appropriate attire to wear to church.First and foremost,it is important to note most of the times what men wear to church is really not an issue as compared to what women wear to church.We have heard of churches that throw out women wearing inappropriate attire,such as miniskirts.While,it is questionable whether throwing them out is the right move,that remains to be a topic of another day.

What then should we wear to church?It is important to note there is no place where it is written,one should wear a long skirt or dress in church and neither is a medium sized skirt.Many people want to press it upon others what to wear based on their social standing or background when all the while,no one is a stand on what to wear in church.

So what then should guide us on what to wear to church and everyday life?

Below is a video that expounds on this topic in a way i cannot add more.Enjoy.

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